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Leading Neuro-Oncology services from highly experienced consultants.

Queen Square Consulting Rooms reception

Neuro-Oncology is the management and treatment of tumours which occur in the brain and spine (also known as the Central Nervous System or CNS). CNS Tumours can be extremely complex and truly effective management requires a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who specialise in their diagnosis, treatment and management.

The neuro-oncology service in Queen Square is run by an experienced group of consultants from the fields of neuroradiology, neurosurgery, neurology and medical oncology. This specialist team offers an integrated service for the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of tumours of the brain, skull base, pituitary gland and spine.


Our consultants provide access to the full range of modern imaging and treatment techniques for both benign and malignant CNS tumours. From advanced neurosurgery and chemotherapy to cutting edge immunotherapy and hormone treatments, our consultants are leading the way in modern cancer treatment and care.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Care

The diagnosis of a tumour of the brain or spine can affect an individual physically, emotionally and socially. Subsequently, the care that they receive must be tailored to meet their individual needs.

Our specialist consultants and the multidisciplinary team will assess each patient’s needs and ensure that every patient receives not only the most appropriate treatment, but also the care and support that they need.

Preparing for your appointment

You will liaise directly with your consultant’s private secretary who will provide you with all of the information you need to be fully prepared for your appointment. It is quite possible that you may already have had various diagnostic tests prior to seeing your consultant in Queen Square, in which case, the secretary will ask you to bring these results with you to your consultation.

During the appointment, your consultant will ask you about your symptoms and will carefully consider your medical history and any neurological problems you might be experiencing. They will also perform a physical examination.

At the end of the appointment, your consultant will discuss their findings with you and explain the possible next steps. This may include further diagnostic tests which will then lead on to a treatment plan for you.

Patient testimonial

I really cannot thank you enough for the enormous kindness you and your staff showed me when I came in for my MRI last week. I was extremely nervous, having panicked during an MRI scan before at another hospital. However, your staff put me at ease from the first moment I stepped foot in your department. I have now had my MRI done, and can go back to see my consultant with all of the information he needs. Thank you.