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Patient Journey

When you make an appointment to attend one of our facilities, our staff will provide you with all of the necessary information you need to prepare for your visit. You may also like to read about your appointment and any preparation you can make in advance by clicking on the relevant patient guide below.

Queen Square Consulting Rooms reception

If you are going to visiting one of our facilities for an appointment, these patient guide will provide you with all of the information you may need in order to arrive feeling prepared. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Queen Square Consulting Rooms

Preparing for your consultation

When arranging an appointment to see a consultant at the Queen Square Private Consulting Rooms, the private secretary will provide you with all relevant information so that you are fully prepared for your appointment. Generally, it is always useful if you could ensure that you bring the following with you to your appointment:

Green medical insurance icon

Your medical insurance membership details, along with the authorisation number provided to you by your insurer. Our staff will take this information from you so that we can liaise directly with you insurer for billing purposes. If you are self funding, please make sure you bring means of payment with you on the day of your appointment.

Green medical records icon

Your previous medical records including any relevant medical imaging. Should you have any of this in your possession, your consultant may wish to review your previous records in order to obtain a complete history. If you do not have any records yourself, but have had previous scans or appointments elsewhere, please inform the private secretary as they may be able to obtain these on your behalf.

Private consulting room tools

You can bring someone to accompany you during appointment

You are welcome to have someone accompany you to your appointment, and sometimes your doctor may ask you to bring someone with you. However, we would not recommend having more than one person with you during your appointment.

If you require a translator or a British Sign Language interpreter, then please let the private secretary know at the time of booking so that they can make necessary arrangements.

Consulting room reception on arrival

Please make every effort to arrive on time for your appointment

Late arrivals will delay the rest of the clinic and we cannot guarantee that you will be seen. If you need to cancel your appointment, please give as much notice as possible, as you may be charged for the appointment if you fail to give notice.

Consulting rooms entrance from outside

Find us

Please familiarise yourself with how to find the Queen Square Imaging Centre. Find us at:

Queen Square Private Consulting Rooms
23 Queen Square

tel: 020 3448 8948



After your visit

After your consultation, you are invited to provide us with anonymous feedback about the service we have provided, using one of our review kiosks.  All feedback is gratefully received, and used to guide future service developments.  We hope your experience will be a positive one, but if you do feel the need to make a complaint, our complaints policy will provide you details on how to contact us.

Queen Square Imaging Centre

Preparing for your Scan

Every MRI scan is different and we will let you know if there is anything specific we need you to do. However, for your own convenience, we would always recommend the following:

Green eye icon

Female patients are advised to wear as little eye makeup as possible, especially if you are having your brain/eyes scanned.

Green jewellery icon

Patients are advised that all jewellery will need to be removed before your scan. Therefore, please do not bring anything with you that you are not happy to lock away in your changing room.

Green coffee icon

On the day of your appointment, you can eat and drink as normal, and you can take any medication that you would usually take.

MRI scan with screen at Queen Square

Find us

Please familiarise yourself with how to find the Queen Square Imaging Centre. Find us at:

Queen Square Imaging Centre
8-11 Queen Square

tel: 020 7833 2513


Arrival at Queen Square - patient journey

When you arrive

When you arrive at the Queen Square Imaging Centre, please report to the reception desk where a member of staff will give you some paperwork to complete. This paperwork will include a safety checklist which is an important document which you should complete carefully and accurately.

Your radiographer will go through this checklist with you prior to going in to the scanner so do not worry if you are unsure how to answer any questions.


MRI and patient

Preparing for your scan

The Radiographer will then explain how the scanning procedure works and will tell you everything you need to know to get you ready for your scan. You will be given a changing cubicle where you will be able to get ready for your scan in private and keep any belongings locked away safely.

Your radiographer will take you into the scanning room, and ask you to lie down on the scanning table. They will then position you accurately so that the images we produce are of the best quality. Whilst doing this, your comfort is always taken into consideration.

Patient about to enter MRI machine

Your scan

Once you are ready, the radiographer will then move you into the correct position in the scanner, at which point, all you have to do is lie still and relax.

During scanning, you will not feel anything but you will hear lots of different noises coming from the scanner. Whilst sometimes loud, these noises are perfectly normal and mean that the scanner is working properly and doing exactly what we need it to. You will be given some ear plugs to protect your ears during the scan and it is important that these are worn at all times.


Radiographer analysing scan results

After your scan

Once your scan is finished, the radiographer will bring you out of the scanner and take you back to your changing cubicle where you can collect your belongings.

You are welcome to sit in our waiting room for as long as you need before heading off. You should not feel any side effects from the scan, although it is not uncommon for people to feel a little disorientated for a short time after lying so still in an unfamiliar environment.

After your scan, you are invited to provide us with anonymous feedback about the service we have provided, using one of our review kiosks.  All feedback is gratefully received, and used to guide future service developments.  We hope your experience will be a positive one, but if you do feel the need to make a complaint, our complaints policy will provide you details on how to contact us.

Green Queen Square files

Receiving your reports

We aim to provide a radiologist report for all of our scans on the same day in all but the most complex of cases. This report is sent directly to your doctor.

A copy of the scan is also placed onto a CD for your records, and this is also sent to your doctor in the first instance. When you see your doctor, they will then give this to you for safekeeping. We will ask you when you are next seeing your doctor so that we can ensure that everything is available to them for when they need it.


Paying for your scan

If the cost of your scan is covered by an insurance policy, you do not need to do anything further as we will liaise with your insurer directly for billing. If you fund the cost of the scan yourself, a member of staff will take payment for the scan so that results can be released without delay.

Queen Square Inpatient Care

Prior to admission and before you arrive

The Hospital is located in Queen Square in central London. The map on the back gives road names, the position of London Underground stations and nearby car parks. Travel by car and parking facilities – Queen Square can be reached from the north and east via Guilford Street and Great Ormond Street and from the south and west via Theobolds Road and Old Gloucester Street.

The entrance to the nearest NCP Public car park is in Southampton Row and there are some meter spaces around Queen Square itself. Travel by public transport – The nearest London Underground stations are Russell Square (Piccadilly line) which is a five minute walk away and Holborn (Piccadilly and Central lines) which is a fifteen minute walk away.


Please bring along any medication you are currently taking or a list of drugs from your doctor. If you are required to fast prior to admission or have to make specific preparations, you will be advised by your Consultant prior to your arrival. Items to bring with you:

Items to bring with you:

Green slippers icon

Night wear

Pyjamas / night dress / Dressing gown / bed jacket / Slippers / bed socks

Green toiletries icon


Face cloth/ soap/ shower cap / Moist tissues / Toothbrush / paste / Razor / blades / Dentures / holder / Electric razor / adapter

Green glasses icon

Personal items

Spectacles / case / Books / magazines / Writing materials / stamps / Personal address / telephone book / Travel clock

Green medical icon

Medical items & documents

Medicines / Medical documents / previous scans / test results
Financial documents e.g. insurance forms

Queen Square outside entrance

Find us

Please familiarise yourself with how to find the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Queen Square Private Patients Unit: Nuffield Ward
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

tel: 020 3448 3300

Arriving at the hospital

Please go the main reception desk located at the entrance of the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery.

Green 4th floor icon

From here you will be directed to the fourth floor – Nuffield Ward where you shall be greeted and escorted to your room.

Green facilities icon

Admission into your room You will be accompanied to your room and shown the various facilities e.g telephone system, nurse call system, bed controls, television and WiFi. All rooms have en-suite bathroom with either bath and/or shower. There is also a wardrobe and shelf space for all your belongings.

Green secretary icon

Nursing care Your nurse will need to take details of your medical history, present condition, allergies/ sensitivities and current medication. Routine investigations will be organised by the resident medical officer.

Patient receiving treatment from specialist at Queen Square

Medical care Your medical care is your Consultant’s responsibility and he/she will advise the Hospital staff of any tests and treatment you require. Twenty four hour medical care is provided by the resident medical officers, who will assist your Consultant as required.

Your Consultant will discuss your operation or medical care with you and you will be asked to sign a consent form if you are having surgery. If you do not understand the form, please ask for an explanation. Consent will also need to be signed for various procedures other than surgery.

Pharmacy Drugs you may require will be prescribed by your Consultant and be issued by the National Hospital’s Pharmacist.

Physiotherapy Treatment given by the physiotherapist is in liaison with your Consultant and carried out in the department or in your room, as appropriate.


Specialist consulting with patient

You will be able to receive calls from friends and family, who will need to telephone the Nuffield reception switchboard on 020 3448 3231. Please note that mobile phones may interfere with patient life support and drug monitoring equipment and should be switched off whilst in the Hospital.

Catering services. Meals are served in your room. There is a varied menu including vegetarian dishes. If you prefer a snack or light meal there is an alternative menu which can be obtained from the catering staff. Please let the nursing and The Spice of Life Restaurant staff know if you have a food allergy e.g. peanuts. Meals are served at the following times: Breakfast: 7.30am to 8.30am; Lunch: 12.30pm to 2.00pm; Dinner: 6.00pm to 7.00pm

Room service

Your visitors may like to purchase drinks, snacks, sandwiches and pastries from The Spice of Life Restaurant in the basement of Queen Mary Wing, which is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Visitors are welcome in our Hospital, although we ask that children are accompanied at all times. For reasons of security, please ask your visitors to report to the main reception desk located at the entrance to Nuffield Ward. They should then see the nursing staff in Nuffield Ward first prior to going into your room. Visiting hours to Nuffield Ward are kept as open and flexible as possible, consistent with your need for rest and quiet. We normally ask visitors to leave by 9.00pm. Visiting may be restricted by the Sister or Nurse in Charge, your Consultant, or at your own request.

Safety and security Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Hospital and we are grateful for your co-operation in helping us promote positive health. Instructions in the event of fire are displayed in your room and throughout the Hospital. All staff are given fire training on a regular basis.

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances may interfere with essential medical equipment and need to comply with Hospital safety regulations.

Green electrical appliances icon

If you bring in your own appliances they will need to be checked with the staff. Voltage is 240V for shavers, hair dryers etc. Sockets are 3-pin square except shaver sockets which are 2-pin. In the interests of safety we request that electric blankets and hot water bottles are not brought into the Hospital. Bed rails and call bells are provided as an extra safety precaution for you. If you feel weak or need assistance, do not hesitate to use the nurse call system located at your bedside and in the bathroom.

How to express your views about us

Green express your views icon

Your care and comfort are the Hospital’s first priority and we are continually seeking to improve our services and high standards. However should you feel dissatisfied during your stay, please bring your concerns immediately to the attention of the Sister or Nurse in Charge who will be happy to help you.

Nurses organising discharge at Queen Square

Your discharge

Nursing and medical care. Your Consultant and nursing staff will decide your discharge date and time with you. If you require medication to take home, it will be prescribed for you. Prior to discharge a follow-up appointment will usually be made to see your Consultant. If you require home nursing, the nursing staff will help to arrange this.

Settling your account. We request that you make arrangements to vacate your room by 11.00am on the day of your departure. After this time you will be charged for another night’s accommodation. We do however understand that sometimes there may be an unavoidable delay in leaving. If your treatment has been covered by insurance, please ensure that your Consultant signs your claim form before you leave. A member of the Patient