What is the relationship between depression and dementia?

Dr Simon Farmer
Dr Simon Farmer
Consultant Neurologist

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I think it’s an important to acknowledge that, particularly in the younger age group, low mood and depression can present and does present with memory problems which leads to great anxiety for that person. They think they could be suffering from a dementia illness when, in fact, treatment; modern treatment for depression, can lead to significant improvement in the cognitive functions. And it’s also important to acknowledge that people who develop early dementia themselves may suffer from low mood which needs to be addressed because it is a treatable problem.

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Letter to Dr. Simon Farmer, Consultant Neurologist at the Queen Square Private Consulting Rooms

I would like to highlight the excellent care both clinically and personally that I received from Dr Farmer during a scary time. I myself am a doctor and I cannot fault the service I received and only have praise for it. I am deeply grateful to Dr Farmer and the team in Queen Square who have provided me with excellent care.