Should I get tested if I have a family history of dementia?

Dr Simon Farmer
Dr Simon Farmer
Consultant Neurologist

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If there’s a family history of young-onset dementia, and that’s a question of definition, but certainly, I would say around the age of 50, there is an increasing risk of this being caused by a genetic problem. If it runs through generations or in other words parents or grandparents, but for the average person who may develop dementia at a more typical age, we don’t routinely go down the route of genetic testing.

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Letter to Dr. Simon Farmer, Consultant Neurologist at the Queen Square Private Consulting Rooms

I would like to highlight the excellent care both clinically and personally that I received from Dr Farmer during a scary time. I myself am a doctor and I cannot fault the service I received and only have praise for it. I am deeply grateful to Dr Farmer and the team in Queen Square who have provided me with excellent care.