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Is it normal to get blurred vision during dizzy spells?

Professor Adolfo Bronstein
Professor Adolfo Bronstein
Professor of Neuro-Otology

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Blurred vision during dizzy spells is quite normal. It’s quite frequent, partly because of a connection between the inner ear and the eye muscles. During severe attacks of dizziness, the patient may see the world blur in a moving way that sometimes they can see the world spin, or sometimes they see just a faint movement as if you are moving the camera when you are taking a movie. And of course the image is not quite clear. So that’s what the blurring is common in vestibular and balance problems, usually because of the connection between the inner ear, which is the on again off balance with the eye muscles.

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Letter to the Queen Square Private Healthcare

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me during my day in Queen Square recently.  You not only managed to put me at ease, but you managed to get me a last minute appointment with Dr Kapoor, an MRI that evening, and then the results the following day.  I was only in London for a short time so thank you for all that you did for me.