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Specialist 3T MRI Scanning

With a specialist focus on imaging of the brain, spine and nervous system, our state of the art 3T MRI scanner offers exceptional quality, allowing our radiographers to examine even the smallest anatomical structures with pinpoint accuracy.

Prices from £680
We will provide you with a quote based upon the type of scan you need
Insurer approved service
Our specialist MRI service is accredited under the prestigious Quality Standard for Imaging, and recognised by all major UK-based insurers.
Same day appointments
We offer flexible, same-day appointments for all but the most complex of scans

We offer fast, flexible appointments from our award-winning central London clinic and also provide same-day reports from our expert team of highly specialist consultant radiologists. The Queen Square Imaging Centre is well placed to provide the highest quality scans and accurate, clinically effective radiology reports.

What is 3T MRI?

‘3T’ stands for 3 Tesla, and refers to the strength of the magnet used within the MRI scanner. Standard clinical MRI scanners typically have a strength of 1.5T and are capable of producing very good images for diagnostic purposes. 3T scanners are twice as powerful and capable of producing significantly clearer images, enabling more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. This is particularly important when examining the structures of the brain, spine and peripheral nervous system.
As well as being twice as powerful, our state of the art 3T scanner is faster and capable of producing images more quickly, which means less time being scanned. Our scanner, which is one of the most advanced on the market, also makes the experience more comfortable thanks to a wider and shorter bore, helping patients who are anxious to feel more comfortable about going into the scanner. We also use innovative surface coils which are light and flexible and replace the older coils which were heavy and restrictive. We have invested in the very latest technology so that we are able to provide the best quality scans while providing superior levels of comfort to every one of our patients.

When do we use 3T MRI scanning?

3T MRI scans are used when more detailed pictures of the bones and soft tissues are required to help diagnose and monitor a wide range of conditions. They are particularly useful for identifying brain and spinal cord conditions but can also help identify issues related to back pain or soft tissue abnormalities, such as tumours.

How long does an MRI scan take?

The length of time an MRI scan will take depends on the body part being scanned and the number of images required. Scan time typically ranges from as little as 10 minutes up to an hour and a half. Your radiographer will be able to advise on this before yours starts.

What does an MRI scan involve?

You won’t feel anything while the scan is happening but MRI scanners are noisy – this is completely normal and just means the scanner is working as it’s meant to and you’ll be given ear guards to wear. It’s important to keep as still as possible during the scan, however you’ll be provided with an emergency buzzer which you can press at any time if you need to.
In some circumstances, a contrast dye injection is required partway through the scan. This is very routine and nothing to worry about. For more information about contrast dye injections, read our Patient Information Leaflet.

Are MRI Scans safe?

An MRI scan is a painless and safe procedure and most patients find it manageable with the correct amount of support from the radiographers. MRI scans do not expose the body to any dangerous radiation, meaning that it is a good test for anyone who may be vulnerable to the effect of ionising (high energy) radiation. Extensive research is constantly being carried out into whether the magnetic fields and radio waves used during MRI scans pose a risk to the body, but no evidence has ever been found, meaning MRI scans are one of the safest medical procedures currently available.

When will I get my results?

Immediately following your scan, you will be given access to your images via your own online Health Portal.  Through this portal, you will be able to view, download or even share your images with anyone involved in your medical care.  Your doctor will be able to access the scan images immediately through our state of the art Hospital system.

In all but the most complex cases, our specialist consultant radiologists offer same-day expert reporting of our scans.  This report is sent directly to your referring doctor to ensure no delay to your ongoing treatment and care.  Please note that we are unable to send results directly to the patient, although you will be able to obtain a copy from your consultant if you wish to request one.

If you are seeing your doctor the same day as your scan, then please let us know and we will do our best to expedite the report so your results are available for your follow up appointment.

Why Queen Square?

The Queen Square Imaging Centre is Central London’s only dedicated independent neuroimaging facility. With a specialist focus on the brain, spine and nervous system, our expert team of radiographers and highly specialised Consultant Neuroradiologists will ensure that your scan and report is of the highest quality, whilst using our brand new and state of the art CT and MRI scanners to offer an unrivalled level of comfort and safety.


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