Dr Nikhil Sharma

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Nikhil Sharma
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About Dr Nikhil Sharma

Dr Sharma is a Consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and Senior Clinical Researcher at the MRC Unit for Lifelong health and Ageing at University College London.

Dr Sharma has clinical expertise in all areas of general and diagnostic neurology but has specific clinical interest in the diagnosis and care of neuromuscular disorders and Motor Neurone Disease, stroke, headache and migraine.

His research program concentrates on improving understanding of the plasticity of the motor system and its response to neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr Sharma is a contributor to the Queen Square Video Hub where he discusses key topics relating to Motor Neurone Disease.

Private medical secretary

 Laura Gilbert

He listens carefully, gives thorough examinations. Addresses next steps very collaboratively and sensibly. He doesn’t dismiss my concerns or symptoms nor does he suggest unnecessary next steps.

08 06, 2018

Thorough and very reassuring!

30 05, 2018

It was nice to know that I got free from the thoughts of worry. Many thanks!!

18 05, 2018