Dr Manjit Matharu

Consultant Neurologist

Dr Manjit Matharu
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Dr Matharu is a Consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and is Clinical Lead of the Heacache Group.

Dr Matharu’s major clinical and research interests include functional and structural imaging in primary headaches, trigeminal autonomic cephalgias and neurostimulation for intractable headaches.  He has authored numerous scientific papers and was awarded a PhD for his work on functional and structural neuroimaging in primary headache syndromes.

Dr Matharu is a contributor to the Queen Square Video Hub where he discusses key topics relating to headache disorders.

Private medical secretary

 Mara Balcombe

We have confidence in his advice and we trust him implicitly

07 02, 2019

Excellent doctor. Seen several doctors at Queen Square but none as good as Dr Matharu regarding headaches. A true expert in headaches! Highly recommend him to anyone with headaches. Wonderful bedside manners.

22 12, 2018

Absolutely fantastically! Clearly very knowledgeable and wonderful bedside manner. Would highly recommend Dr Matharu to anyone with headaches.

03 07, 2018