Private MRI Scans at Queen Square Imaging Centre

With state-of-the-art MRI technology and a team of neuroimaging specialists on-site, you can trust us to produce high quality mri scans for accurate diagnosis.

Located in central London, we have been providing first class, private MRI scans to our patients and referrers for over 30 years. Our expertly designed premises house the latest in MRI scanner technology, which, alongside an expert team of specialist neuro-radiologists and neuro-radiographers, enables us to offer the highest quality, specialist neuroimaging services.

We are owned by the UCLH Charity and all of our profits are used to improve NHS facilities within Queen Square. Since our formation in 1985 we have donated in excess of £25m back to the charity.

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The Queen Square Imaging Centre has been part of the world famous ‘Queen Square’ medical arena for over 30 years. We are experts in the field of neuroimaging, providing high quality MRI scans of the brain, spine and peripheral nervous system, often using advanced imaging techniques which have been developed here in Queen Square. Our services also include musculoskeletal MRI scans. As a result of our close working relationship with the specialists of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, we are able to report scans and publish results the same day in all but the most complex of cases, enabling our patients to return to their consultant for their all important follow up appointment without delay.


The Queen Square Imaging Centre employs a state of the art and fully neuro-optimised 1.5 Tesla Discovery 450 from GE. With improved scan times and continuous equipment upgrades occurring throughout the year, we are at the forefront of MRI provision for neurological conditions, producing the highest quality images for all patients, including many who may be excluded at higher field strengths. Our vast experience and singular focus on neuroimaging, combined with the clinical support we receive from consultant and medical science colleagues means that we are often able to scan patients who may be prohibited from having MRI scans elsewhere due to medical implants. We are also able to utilise the full capabilities of our scanner and department in order to create a comfortable and safe environment for even the most anxious of patients.

In May 2017, we installed two further MRI scanners at a new site in Central London – the Chenies Mews Imaging Centre.  Whilst this facility is predominantly a specialist cardiac MRI unit, we are pleased to be able to also use our new state of the art equipment to expand the neuroimaging services we may offer to patients from Queen Square.  Our modern facility offers ultra-high resolution 3 Tesla imaging, and also a novel MRI scanning service for patients with cardiac pacemakers and other implantable cardiac devices. For the patients referred to this site from Queen Square, the same seamless and fully coordinated service is guaranteed, with our expert consultant neuroradiologists providing reports within 4 hours in all but the most complex of cases.

Functional MRI

The Queen Square Imaging Centre is currently the only commercial unit able to offer fMRI in London.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is a technique used to assess the functionality of specific parts of the brain which are usually closely related to a pathology in order to identify the potential risk of any deficits associated with planned surgery. This allows surgeons and their patients to make a more informed decision about treatment options, improving surgical outcomes and post-operative recovery in many cases.

Paradigms which we are currently able to perform are visual, motor, language and sensory tasks. For referrals, please contact the Queen Square Imaging Centre directly.

Knowing what to expect at an appointment or as an inpatient can help you to feel less anxious. We ensure that you have as much information as possible – from how to prepare beforehand, how to get there, what to bring with you to what will happen on arrival, during and after your visit or stay.



There are various ways you can refer your patient for an MRI scan with us. Appointments can be made by telephone, fax or email.



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Queen Square Private Patients Unit: Nuffield

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Queen Square Private Consulting Rooms

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T: 020 3448 3300
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Queen Square Imaging Centre
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