International Patients

Owing to its strong reputation as a centre of excellence, Queen Square is the destination of choice for international patients from all over the world who are seeking specialist neurological care.

We recognise the importance of comfort and well-being for high quality care, and are fully committed to ensuring that each individual patient’s stay is as comfortable as possible whilst they are away from home.  We will aim to coordinate all aspects of a patient’s care so that they can concentrate on what is important; this is why we are a trusted healthcare partner of governments and embassies from across the globe who choose to sponsor their patients to come to Queen Square in order to access international renowned expertise.

Our team of dedicated patient administrators can provide you with a range of services before, during and after your visit to the hospital.

Assistance with referral

If you would like to discuss a referral to a consultant in Queen Square, please submit a medical report to, giving full details of the patient’s present condition, past medical history and reason for referral. Our referrals coordinator will then review the details in this report and forward the information to the most appropriate specialist.  If you would like to contact a specific consultant, then please make this known in the referral.

Once reviewed by the appropriate specialist, we will then be able to schedule an appointment and provide an estimate of costs. This will be a guide price, and it is possible that once your doctor has seen you and ordered all relevant and necessary investigations, the final cost may be more.

We are also able to assist and advise you throughout the visa application process and will give you the relevant paperwork to aid with your application.  However, securing an appointment does not guarantee that the visa application will be successful.

Assistance during your visit

Our administration staff will be happy to provide any assistance you may require with accommodation, transportation and language interpretation for during your visit.  Please make your requirements known to the appointments team as soon as you are able.

After your treatment, we will provide everything you need for an efficient transition of care back to your home country.  We will arrange for your medical records and imaging to be given to you, along with any pharmacy prescriptions and after treatment care instructions.  We will facilitate on going communications with clinical staff in your own country and arrange any future appointments you may need with your consultant in Queen Square.  It may be possible to arrange a consultation via Skype and this can be discussed with our appointments team.

Payment Information

We operate a simple payment process so that your visit to Queen Square is as straight forward as possible.

  • Government sponsored patients will need to provide a ‘letter of guarantee’ from your relevant embassy.  We can assist you in obtaining this and are experienced in working with embassies and government departments from across the globe.  Once we have received this, we will deal directly with the embassy for all financial matters.
  • Insured patients may also access treatment in Queen Square.  Queen Square Private Healthcare is recognised by major insurance companies from around the world and can provide you with the information necessary to discuss your claim with your insurer.
  • Company sponsored patients may access treatment in Queen Square is your company is willing to provide funding for treatment whilst you are abroad.  We will provide you with the information you will need in order to obtain a ‘letter of guarantee’.

To discuss a referral or for further information, please do not hesitate to contact our referrals team at

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions here. For any other questions just give us a call or email us. We’ll be happy to help.




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